Hi all! The weather outside yesterday in the Manhattan was so lovely. There was still snow on the ground from the snow storm we had a few days ago, but the sun was out and the temperature outside was very pleasant. A friend and I were enjoying a picturesque day in Central Park and stopped by Eloise inside the Plaza Hotel, a short walk back on our way to the 1 train. The lovely headpiece I am wearing is by Dainty Dandy, an online boutique I am very happy to introduce to you all. Dainty Dandy was founded by Gina Nguyen after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she has devoted her energy to raising funds for different types of cancer. Her mom is doing well, but she is determined to help those who are struggling and who have not been as fortunate in their fight, by donating $5 from each head-piece that is purchased. The goal is to raise $1M by December 2014. Along with the incredible mission that Dainty Dandy stands for, the headpieces are sure to help every fashionista out there by adding fun looks to their wardrobe, with different styles to compliment different tastes and personalities. I invite you to take a look at their website and to learn more about the organization the different fashions that are offered here http://daintydandy.com/. Anything that involves fashion and helping others combined, I am all for.

Tegan floral headpiece: Dainty Dandy, Dress: Club Monaco, Floral scarf: Club Monaco, Earrings: Club Monaco


Photos by Lorraine Rojas