Well, although the first day of spring is not technically tomorrow, it counts in my mind. I appreciate all of the four seasons for what they are, but before I make a toast to sundresses, sandals, and long days outside in the sun, I wanted to finish the last of the winter months this year with a post celebrating snow and silly, chilly days spent with my family in Colorado.
My * Best Dressed * picks for the Oscars. I have to say, Kerry Washington stole the stage when she presented in her gorgeous Miu Miu gown.
Good morning and happy weekend * http://pinterest.com/mystyleloft/
Night run * Happy it was light out when I started so I could enjoy the park.
New Outfit Post in Ann Taylor * Color on a Snow Day in Central Park http://mystyleloft.com/2013/02/18/color-on-a-snow-day-in-central-park/
A few things that are usually on my grocery list * the pineapple coconut juice is basically a vacation in a healthy bottle. What I love about the other 3 is that you can’t taste the coconut, because even though I love coconut, I’m usually not ready for the taste in the morning. You should definitely try the vanilla coconut milk if you’re a fan of almond milk. It tastes just like it, but creamier.

Happy love day * It doesn’t matter who or what you love, as long as you’re thankful that the love is there. Love is pretty *


New outfit post just in time for Valentine’s day, in a bright pink dress you can buy now, surrounded by sweets at the Plaza Hotel,  along with fashion for a cause in a Dainty Dandy headpiece. Best part, the proceeds go towards finding a cure for cancer. Take a look and make sure to visit their website, listed on their facebook page and featured in the post.


Taylor Swift and Rihanna were my top two picks for the Grammys.
I thought they both looked lovely and I and the gowns were stunning on them. To be honest, I couldn’t pick a third because no one else stood out in my mind. Who were your top picks?


New outfit post * Colorado Winter Wonderland http://mystyleloft.com/2013/02/08/colorado-winter-wonderland/


The city, all dressed up *


Well, it’s quite chilly in the city, but it sure is pretty *


My little Daffy


Wheee! Having fun down the mountain in Colorado, looking not so glamorous & fashionable, but having fun. As I’ve learned over the years, when you’re skiing, that’s the most important thing