Mountain top
Not a bad morning view! Good morning snowy Colorado *
My reading material on the plane. Pretty pictures of wine country & light reading about the different wineries to visit. Works  for me!
My sister sent my this picture. She is giving it to the flight attendant. So ready for a snowy mountain getaway in Colorado, followed by a few days at home.
Happy, that in 2.5 days I’ll be in Colorado with my family singing “Mock…yeah! Ing…yeah! Bird…yeah!” (thank you, Dumb & Dumber- a classic I think of everytime I’m in Colorado) on the ski lifts (yes we do, if you’re on the mountain, yo…u will hear us)and celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday! Being that he has four daughters, of course he will be going down the mountain in a birthday sash. Just as excited to visit home for 7 days after the weekend in Colorado, spending time with my dogs, camera man, great friends, and of course family. You can expect some winter wonderland images from snowy Colorado up this weekend!
A great view of lower Manhattan, from the Penthouse in Chelsea in my latest post
A photo of my walk back home from the Central Park Boathouse during the last snow a couple of weeks ago. Today, the snow fell much lighter, but the snow still brightens up the city. IMG_2990ba
My top 3 best dressed picks from this evening at the Golden Globes. Jessica Alba is at the top of my list, looking lovely, comfortable, and happy in her apricot dress.
Fun in the city *
Hi friends! You can follow MyStyleLoft on Pinterest * Want some inspiration for your Tuesday evening? Looking at photos of gorgeous vacation spots and travels around the world, stunning weddings, delicious …recipe ideas, and style inspiration for the home and closet put an extra smile on my face. Maybe some of these images will for you too! Here is a little Elie Saab inspiration from my Wedding Inspiration board. I think this dress is pretty amazing.

A charming view of Manhattan from the out on the water


New Post with breath-taking views of Manhattan, NY and a truly one of a kind experience on the Bateau New York.


A charming and lovely image of the winter wonderland decor in Bergdorf Goodman