I wanted to share with you all, a very special experience that is a must try if you are in the New York City area. My camera man surprised me with a 3 hour-long dinner cruise on the Bateaux, a one of a kind all glass inclosed cruise along the Hudson River that leaves from the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan, NY. There are only two Bateaux cruise ships in the world with a 360 degree view in an all glass enclosure. One is in Paris, and the other, New York. The views are spectacular, the food is delectable, the music sets the mood, and the service is impeccable. Of course, before dinner is served, a warm and fresh out of the oven assortment of bread is served with herb garnished butter and right before approaching the Statue of Liberty, dessert is served, followed by hot coffee or and hot chocolate if you are outside taking in the sights of the Statue of Liberty, followed by peppermint bark, and as you are leaving the cruise, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies are served with napkins as you exit. Every detail makes the experience truly one of a kind and heart warming. Here are some highlights of the night and I encourage you to try it for yourself if you are in the area.



ttIMG_2611IMG_26055IMG_2665IMG_26033IMG_2607IMG_2616IMG_2618IMG_2611IMG_26122IMG_2622IMG_2624IMG_2629IMG_2637IMG_2634IMG_2661IMG_2665GIMG_2666Final photo courtesy of Bateaux, New York http://www.bateauxnewyork.com/zx