There are so many exciting areas of New York City to explore during the holidays, full of breath-taking sights, delicious smells, yummy treats, and fun activities. There are Christmas tents all over the city including Columbus Circle, Union Square, and Bryant Park, which are the largest. Bryant Park is one of my favorite stops with the charming ice rink, which is packed during mild weekend nights, the seasonal restaurant, Celsius, and charming shops with ornaments, scented soaps and candles, apple cider and hot chocolate, even some wine and other adult beverages if you will, homemade chocolate with interesting ingredients like lavender, peanut butter and jelly grilled sandwiches that you can substitute with basically any all natural nut butter and jam that you wish, and so much more. Of course the ideal way to spend the evening if staying put at
Bryant Park is starting the evening with dinner at either Celsius or the Bryant Park Grille, followed by ice skating and exploring all of the charming shops. I myself would finish with a delicious hot apple cider as well, which speaking from experience is delicious and perfect for the season to help warm you up both figuratively and literally. Here are some photos of some evenings I’ve enjoyed spending at the park.

The grand Christmas tree decorated in white and blue twinkle lights.


A very busy evening at the park and at Celsius.GDefinitely a crowd at the ice rink * Try week nights for a smaller crowd.GLip smacking hot apple cider.



Pretty treats in happy colors.IMG_1601Another cozy drink for a chilly night.

IMG_1493Just one of the chocolate shops…they share samples!


Honk if you love Santa!topo

One of the many charming ornaments at one of the shops.


Candy canes, of course.topThese two are pretty happy together.

IMG_1603Fifth and Madison candles…I was in this shop for a while. One of my favorites, Dolce.


A glimpse at the Bryant Park Grille.IMG_1489A charming walk through the shops.IMG_1500A quiet night at Celsius, the day before the ice rink opened. It is quite a different scence at night now, bustling with tourists and New Yorkers.IMG_1512A perfect view of the ice and the tree (not visible when this was taken), while enjoying a holiday inspired dinner.IMG_1513A quiet ice rink, right before it opened.IMG_1514If you’re in the New York City area, make sure Bryant Park is on your list of places to visit. Happy holidays!IMG_1520