I got distracted on my run by all of the Christmas at Columbus Circle. The end of my run can wait * Pretty


Mickey Mouse at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade *

One of the many tables back home that my mom did for Thanksgiving this year. She sent me pictures since I can’t be there this year.  She always makes the holidays so beautiful & special.
Well, first holiday away from home. I wish I could be travelling to go back to be with my family and everyone else for Thanksgiving and my family’s annual Christmas cookie party. Since I can’t, I’m braving the crowds for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, kicking off by my apartment. Atleast I can check the parade off my list now after having it on in the background on tv every year *

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Words of wisdom for your Monday and something I’ve learned myself. 14 hour days…or just crazy days at work don’t require coffee…they require a good sense of humor. This little lady I found at the Christmas shops at Bryant Park agrees. On that note, here is a little bit of just that for your Monday * New post up soon!

I chose a great day to walk through the 72nd st. entrance at Central Park, so lovely * We’re a week away from Thanksgiving! I’ve got some fun holiday inspired posts coming up for you all soon. Cheers *

Sarabeth’s at Central Park South for brunch* delicious

Now this is my kind of place * cozy ambiance & hummus

Whew, it’s good to be back after not feeling well the past few days. These snowmen/women make my heart happy * Although my favorite place during the holidays is at home, New York this time of the year is the next best alternative. I found these guys at the Christmas shops at Bryant park a few nights ago. This photo will be in my next post, with more holiday fun sightings from Bryant Park. Cheers *

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