Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. No matter how many times I experience fall, I can’t wait to indulge in the season’s sights, feelings, tastes, scents, and of course cozy moments. After running around and relaxing in the warm summer month, I’m ready for cozy sweaters, jogs in brisk weather, apple cider mills, picking out pumpkins, ice skating, enjoying the changing of the leaves that bring a sense of serenity and such beauty, family time, walks with my dogs as they run through the leaf piles that they are so curious about, and hot apple cider by the fire, even though the last three things, right now I am unable to do being that I am in New York. There is nothing like family time in the fall, but since I am living in New York currently, I am definitely enjoying all there is to offer in the city. The city is definitely romanced in the fall and winter months. Even though the weather is dropping, with so much to do and so many sights, I forget about the chilly temperatures and become rejuvenated. Here are some photos of New York moments that warmed me up in the chill.