Whew, what a beautiful and whirlwind of a weekend it has been. Weddings always seem to go by so fast. I have three sisters, a younger sister, and two older sisters who are twins, one of whom is married and the other was the beautiful bride this weekend. There are always so many lovely memories that will be remembered with these moments in life and I am definitely taking some away with me. I just got back to the New York and I am still in wedding mode, as in still soaked in the happiness I felt being surrounded by the people I love and watching my sister marry her best friend. Here are a few snippets from this weekend. Enjoy, xx

Stunning bridesmaid dresses, wedding dress, and flowers

Stunning florals, of course designed by my mom Getting our hair done

…with yummy treats

One of the rooms in our suite

Wedding giftsMorning after brunch

Wedding cake from the reception at the brunch

Cookies for the brideThe happy couple opening gifts the next dayTheir little Daisy soaking in all the joyThe beautiful bridesmaids bouquets the next day soaking in the sunMini sandwiches at the bridal luncheonMore wedding dress cookies for the brideBridal luncheonRehearsal dinner