One of my favorite photos in my newest post coming up in the next few days * Imagine ♥

I found a new favorite candle for fall at Anthropolgie * apple & brown sugar, yumm. The coffee beans really enhance the scent-nice trick to try

Pretty day

More beautiful art at the street fair near my apartment

Delicious smelling tea at the Columbus st. fair. Love the name. Perfect fall day outside

Fall is officially here! Pulling out this bucket list I found this time last year, looks pretty good to me *

Thanks to a reader, I found out these are called Verbena flowers, but I am going to name them Sunshine flowers *

New outfit post in time for fall * Changing Seasons

Cute place. Naturally I had to stop in for some hot tea. There is a chill in  the air after all. It is definitely almost fall

I could relax here all day. Absolutely love fall, so perfect outside.

Beautiful day

Beautiful fall inspired artwork in Soho

New Post * My Sister’s Wedding Week

Good morning! Well, I just arrived back in the city just in time for all of the NYFW festivites to be coming to an end, but I have to say this past week has been absolutely wonderful as I was back home celebrating my sister’s wedding. It was truly lovely. So although I won’t have any fashion week or FNO photos to share as I wasn’t in the city, I do have a post for you from the wedding week coming up soon with some photos filled with love

New Post * A Sweet Day

It’s a bit of a rainy day here in NYC. Proof that rainy days can still be pretty days. New post up tomorrow! Cheers

My sister is getting married this weekend!!!!! So excited to fly home in a couple of days. It is going to be such a beautiful week/ weekend. Cheers to love & sisters ♥

Stunning art in Soho, NYC * With a slight reflection of me in the background, whoops