So, I have been to California multiple times and am absolutely in love with the state, but I have always visited southern California. I have yet to visit northern California. That is definitely something I have to do soon, more specifically to visit wine country. With all of my travelling the past few years from living in Florida, Chicago, New York twice, and of course back home in Kansas City, I haven’t had a whole lot of extra vacation time to take that trip. When I have gone on a vacation over these past few years, it has been a winter vacation in Colorado to go skiing with the family, a beach vacation, or one of my favorites…visiting home. There is something so charming about the thought of taking a few days to relax, try new foods and wines, all while sitting outside to enjoy breathtaking views. Of course after three days of that, take the drive to San Fransisco to enjoy some views with ocean water in them. Now that I think about it…maybe it would be smarter to reverse that plan and visit the ocean before enjoying three days of tasting new wines…..hmm. Either way, it sounds great to me. I have been to my share of adorable wineries in Missouri, which actually have incredibly lush views of green hills and a blue river, but I’m sure a trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma could top those views. These photos are from wineries in Missouri on my most recent trip back home, about a three hour drive away from Kansas City where I had the most amazing time with some of the girls closest in my life for my sister’s bachelorette weekend.

So, once I do take that trip to wine country in California, my wardrobe will be full of sun dresses, big floppy straw hats, and cute, but most importantly comfy sandals. For some reason when I think of outfits to wear for a trip like this, I’ve always envisioned those three things, especially sun dresses, my most favorite thing to wear. Here are some I’ve picked out that I could definitely see in my suitcase.

Below each photo is the link to purchase for your own little get away, cheers!

Dress: Rachel Zoe, $212

Hat: San Diego hat company, $44

Bag: Maschera, $139

Shoes: Ancient Greek, $163

Necklace: Lola James, $84

Sunglasses: Michael Kors, $325

Dress: Rebecca Taylor, $295

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, $195

Shoes: Rebecca Taylor, $125

Necklace: J Crew, $150

Sunglasses: Lilly Pulitzer, $81.99

Dress: Rebecca Taylor, $349

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, $295

Shoes: Rebecca Taylor, $235

Necklace: Kendra Scott, $118

Earrings: Kate Spade, $48

Sunglasses: Kate Spade, $128

Unless your celebrating your sister’s Bachelorette weekend…..