When I was younger I always wondered why fall items started coming out in July and August, it was still summer to me. The older I’ve gotten, the more I understand why. You reach a point where you no longer want to invest in summer pieces because you will only be able to wear them a short while until next year. Being in the fashion industry, I can definitely feel the fall season fast approaching. Stores in both fashion clothing and home goods have already transformed their looks into warmer colors, fabrics, and inspiring decor. Trust me, I am still holding onto summer for the short while that is left, but as usual I am looking forward to the upcoming season as well. If you follow my blog, you know I share photos constantly of my surroundings, so here are some more photos around Manhattan, New York from my time I’ve had to stroll around that say summer to me. I can assure you I am enjoying to the fullest what is left of warm weather and a more carefree feeling in the air.

Beach inspired table theme at a restaurant’s outdoor seating area

 A closer look * I could easily see this at a table setting in the Hamptons

 Delicious and vitamin filled organic watermelon juice from Organic Avenue, a favorite spot of mine in the city * Tip- it’s better iced & I add a packet of Truvia : )

Nothing quite like a nice fruity drink at the Central Park Boathouse on a warm summer day…with a lovely view of the water and happy couples, friends, and families floating along on canoes of courseRelaxing on the Central Park lawn * a lovely oasis away from the hustle and bustle that is New York CityBaseball fields in Central Park * remind me of my days playing softball as a kid wearing hats that were way too big for my head : )Lush greens at the Olmstead & Faux Way in Central ParkOut for a stroll near my Upper West Side neighborhood…as always stay tuned for more lifestyle and fashion inspiration this month as the summer comes to a close

Outdoor cafe seating in Rockefeller Center