A couple of days ago my roommate & I decided to explore Hester nights in Chelsea. It is every Thursday night in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City. It is a great place to relax under little white lights outside, try delicious and healthy eats, and a free movie. There is a very large after work crowd or, just as we went, the leisure crowd looking for a fun and relaxing thing to do during the week day in the city. The thing about New York is, these things happen all over the city, you just have to know how to find them. Time Out magazine is a great reliable source if you’re in the city. Before going to Hester nights, we decided to stroll around Eately, a hidden little marketplace with a few restaurants inside. It’s basically a smaller version of the Chelsea market. It’s just fun sometime to take in life’s little pleasures. Sometimes walking around a market and tasting samples, finding new culinary delights, and smelling homemade soaps and creams is just what you need to bring you back to yourself after a busy week. Walking around the area, you will come across Shake Shack, a famous outdoor eatery where you can sit under lights on a beautiful NYC night and be social with all of the other New Yorkers looking to take a break and put their feet in the sand. Yes, it is surrounded by sand in the middle of the city. Pretty great, right? It’s not bad having a view of the Empire State building in the background either I’d say.