One of my favorite destinations in Manhattan is Soho, which of course is located in downtown. The cobble stone streets lined with quaint bakeries and cafes, bookstores, and luxury shops set in an old fashioned European style, give the area a cozy, chic, and romantic feeling, even though it is always bustling with locals and tourists. You definitely don’t have to go far to find a delicious snack or drink if you have been walking around all day. If you are looking to relax in the park, this would not be the place to go, you will want to go more uptown, but for an entertaining afternoon, this is a great destination in Manhattan. Fortunately I work in the area, so I am able to explore one of my favorite spots on an almost daily basis. The other days currently, I enjoy my days off at a park in uptown Manhattan. Here are some photos to see the area for yourself if you have not yet *