Hi all! Well, if you just read my previous post you know that Mr. Camera Man and my little doggies and I have to do long distance for a little while. I can tell you, it makes a big difference being able to come home to a place that is relaxing and has details that feel like me. It just helps me feel more at ease. Color and bright whites are two elements that help lift my mood everytime I come home. One thing I loved as soon as I saw this apartment, besides the location, closet space, laundry in the building, and   an actual kitchen, was all of the color and the bright and creamy whites throughout the entire building and the apartment itself. Of course adding my own touches help it feel more like home. Here are just a few snippets as well as some photos of the Plaza Hotel that are simply romantic and show the stunning details the city has to offer.

The entry way inside the apartment * Pretty pink and white walls with a lovely lamp that makes the walls dance (best way I can describe what the light does)  : )

The entry way inside the apartment building * I love the architecture, white walls and columns, and the fact there is a mirro for any last minute check ups for a big day

One of the closets in my room (the larger of the two) * Absolutely love the lavender walls in my room that are incorporated on the closet as well, with silver trim detailing

Lavender walls, the second (white) closet and a little stand for my floppy hatsA little illustration I picked up in Soho * I always see these with the different cities, so I decided to get one * My coffee from this morning, and a bowl of apples and pomagrantes I keep in my room A great necklace and bracelet holder I found in the city * I had to leave my other one in the midwest * This one is a great replacement * For all of my other necklaces, I keep them in the closet on little hooks I had to incorporate pink and green together in my room * Color makes me happy * This is still a work in progress, but you get the ideaPretty shabby chic details throughout the room and apartment *Pretty Mediterranean details and colors in the kitchen *Clean and pretty white will always be a favorite of mine *

The always beautiful Plaza Hotel with stunning fresh flowers *More of the Plaza Hotel *Stunning chandelier in the lobby *Stunning fresh flowers, and one of my favorites * orchidsTime to go watch the sunset and relax* Leaving from the Central Park side entrance