Whew, I have probably walked 15 miles these past two days, but it has all been worth it! I found a great apartment I’m pretty excited about in Manhattan with closet space (sigh). The thing about Manhattan is it seems like it takes longer to get exhausted from walking around everywhere because of all the stops along the way that make you say “wow” or  “ooh, pretty.” Along with my apartment search these past two days, I pretty much covered all of midtown and the upper west side and was able to stop in places like Sax Fifth Avenue Henri Bendel, Barneys, and Bergdorf Goodman along the way to take a look at some of the beautiful gowns and couture that definitely made me stop and say “ooh, pretty.” Here are some photos I wanted to share with you all! Something about the gowns and beautiful architecture in the city remind me of all of the best Carrie Bradshaw moments. Enjoy, xx.