Violinists are playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D at the Bethesda Fountain Terrace in Central Park as a bride & groom are taking pictures. My mom used to play this for my sisters and I every night as we slept. Gave me chills : ) Absolutely beautiful *  love you mom

Happy Place * Central Park

Can’t wait to see my girls ♥ seriously counting the days. I’ll be home to visit this time next month * Even if temporary, long distance is no fun

Pretty day on the Hudson *

New Post * A Golden Outlook

A little sunshine for you Monday * This photo makes me happy : ) New post up tomorrow

New Post * Add a Little Color…New York City Style

Record highs in Manhattan today * Starbucks iced passion tea, you are wonderful. If you ask them to mix in a little lemonade, it’s even better : ) In case you missed it, here is the outfit post from yesterday

New Outfit Post * Nautical Inspired

Whew, well I had the day off today so I spent all day enjoying the water once again, but it was definitely quite steamy at 95 degrees * I wanted something very refreshing and healthy once I got home so I got creative and made this green smo…othie * There was no measuring involved, but it was very simple * I used the Naked brand green juice, mixed in some orange juice, ice cubes, about 1/2 tbsp organic lemon juice, and two truvia and blended it all together * Super yummy! Try it yourself for a refreshing drink : )

Another photo from a beautiful day near the Hudson, fortunately for me, it’s just two blocks away from my apartment * Water just makes me happy, I think I was was a dolphin in a past life : )  I was creative and figured out a way to continue sharing with you some of my favorite and current fashions without a camera man, they will start coming up in the next week or two. Cheers ♥

With highs in the upper 70’s and (woah) upper 90’s for the next three days in New York, running in the sand into this water sounds so wonderful

New Post * A View of Downtown Manhattan

A beauitful view of the Hudson from yesterday, right before the sun came out : ) All day I thought the scenery was (kind of) similar to San Fransisco. Outfit posts will start coming up again soon * Including some of my favorite looks in store now from CLUB MONACO

To all of the dads out there, Happy Fathers Day * Love you, dad

“Haaallo!” …’Father of the Bride part two’ is on while I am getting ready for the day * Today’s Post will be up tomorrow because of limited time, sorry lovelies * Here is another photo in Soho next to my work for tomorrow’s post * “George Bonks (Banks) is having a booby (baby)! I’m so hoppy (happy)!”

A Preview of Tomorrow’s Post * Louis Vuitton in Soho

New Post * A Look at my Apartment  & Another Place to Relax, the Plaza Hotel

Well…I picked up a coffee maker, but not the coffee. Good thing there is an adorable cupcake shop with yummy coffee right next door. Thanks for being convenient cupcake shop : )

New Post *Going the Distance —>>>. Explains why there haven’t been outfit posts up lately

Hi all! Whew, moving can be a little crazy * I look forward to sharing more photos and posts with you all now that things are a little more settled * Another Plaza Hotel photo

Last night in the Plaza hotel * Post up later

So refreshing from my favorite little spot in the city * Le Pain Quotidien * watermelon cooler made with fresh watermelon, lemonade, agave, & two cucumber slices * I already feel more energized

 New Post * The City Romanced

Staying with a wonderful friend in Manhattan in her awesome apartment * Here’s to searching for mine today! Wish me luck! My old apartment in Times Square was right above this restaurant, oh memories : )

Made it to NY in good time, it’s just wonderful when that happens! Fingers are just a little sore from a mountain of luggage * I have an excuse for over packing this time : )

New Post * Lounge Life Photo Shoot I styled with Her magazine

New Post * Magnolia Bakery & Zara Sweets & A Nice Reminder of Home