I think in each of our personalities, there are certain things we see that just make us say “OoO that’s me, I love it,” and that simple image can put a smile our face. Just like the term “Get Carried Away,” was the perfect line for Carrie Bradshaw with her free floating, fun, and hopeless romantic personality. It’s amazing how images that stick in our minds of things we like can be so small in comparison to what is going on in our everyday lives, but if all of these little smiles add up, it can make for a pretty great day. Sometimes it only takes one of these images that we see to brighten our day. Here are a few this past week that made me smile.

Get “Carried Away”

Flowers my mom is doing for a wedding

Beautiful wedding dress sighting while trying on a stunning bridesmaid dress for my sister’s weddingA few neons in my closet…will be featured in an outfit post this month : )Lovely pages in the Lilly Pulitzer catalog

Flowers on the Country Club Plaza

Colorful cards from Kate Spade