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Beautiful blue in Laguna Beach, CA * Feeling seaside inspired after viewing the best looks from the Cannes 2012 film festival * Best dressed and my favorite picks up tomorrow

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Happy Feet : ) Wishing you all  happy feet

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New Post * A Morning in Bryant Park

Good morning readers, I would like to announce I will be moving back to NYC in a few weeks, hence why posts have not been as regular this past week * thanks for your patience! In the mean time here is a photo from my intern days at the Vogue office for your weekend * 12th floor please!

I feel like this photo does a good job of describing the feel of Bryant Park. The park just has a certain charm. It’s a gem right in the middle of the high energy, that is midtown Manhattan

Aren’t moms the best? ♥ ♥ ♥

Bryant Park lawn, NYC. Now this photo says happy lunch break to me…quite ideal. Especially since right in Bryant Park is one of my favorite places in the city for a delightful breakfast or lunch, Le Pain Quotidien. Posts, including Outfit… Posts that I have a lot of catching up to do on with some lovely new pieces, have been a little limited this past week because things have been pretty busy over here. I’ll be in NYC Sunday evening through Tuesday so you can expect some more photos of the city that make me happy, like this one.

Sneak peak from this morning’s incredibly lovely photo shoot with Her Kansas City * I’ll be sharing more photos once the issue comes out in June! So stay tuned : )

Styling the June issue with Her magazine this morning * A little inspiration

New Post * Get “Carried Away” A Few Little Bright Smiles

Rockefeller Center for your Monday * will still be under construction for the next day or two will some files are being imported to the main page *

Lovely way to start a Saturday * Want some colorful jewelry to add to your spring wardrobe lovelies? I appreciate all of my readers and followers so much, so enjoy 10% off at checkout with using this promo code: guiltyvip

Happy Friday all * Dance a little : )

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A calming photo for your Wednesday *

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