I am spending the day searching for inspiration for the June issue with Her magazine Kansas City http://herkansascity.com/home and the pieces I will be searching for already have me in the mindset of a vacation. There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up slowly but early enough to get a full day starting off with maybe some juice and coffee and something to eat a little different from the everyday routine at home. Whenever I go on vacation I like to have the perfect mix of relaxation, excitement, and trying new things. Trying new things is something I enjoy the most on vacation actually. Variety in life in my opinion keeps things spicy and fun. Since I will be finding inspiration today for the shoot, and the fact that I am in the vacation mind-set for pulling pieces, here are some photos I’ve taken that inspire me and make me happy just looking at them. Even though I may not be enjoying a beach vacation today, I’m going to find a fun treat for lunch at a nice cafe or shop just to treat myself to something different. Give it a try yourself! It might make all the difference if you need a little pep in your step on this Tuesday * Cheers