One of my favorite things to do on a nice day is wake up early and walk around any charming area, depending on where I am, order a coffee and breakfast from a cafe so I can have my dogs with me and sit outside. Of course, being accompanied by my camera man, a sister or other family member, or friend is always nice, but sometimes it’s even nice on my own to just relax and reflect and after coffee explore and window shop. One of my favorite stores to do that with of course is Anthropologie, I can’t get enough of the delicious smelling candles, warm shabby chic atmosphere, and lovely feminine dresses and clothes. These are just a few photos from a morning a few days ago I was able to walk around with Daffy & Lilly, grab a coffee, sit outside, and enjoy the weather and the sights. After all, the little things really are what make us the happiest sometimes. Especially compared to those mornings that are anything but relaxing with our to do lists, it’s nice to just sit and enjoy. : )