* Add Some Color *

Polka dots are always fun for spring, usually you will see them with navy, white, yellow, and other fun colors for the season. When I saw this top, I thought it was perfect because it would work great in the fall and winter, paired with a black blazer, so it could work in my closet for all of the seasons. Since the sleeve length is shorter, that makes it perfect for spring, so to really make it fit into the season I added some color with my necklace and paired it with this brilliant seafoam color.

Top: Forever 21 (new), Skirt: Forever 21 (new), Necklace: Francesca’s Collections (new)

                                    * Mediterranean Dreams *

As soon as I saw this skirt, I instantly thought of pairing it with a soft and feminine white blouse. I wanted the look to be fresh and vibrant, just like the Mediterranean. Something about the color and the movement in the skirt makes me think of dancing near the ocean or walking along the beach on a beautiful evening, and what better place to do it than the Mediterranean with brilliant colors and a beautiful blue ocean. Like I’ve always believed, fashion is all about where life and style meet. This outfit proves that point because as soon as I put it on I’m ready to be somewhere with a floral lined coastline and the beautiful ocean in the background…preferably with some steel drums in the background to complete the feeling of being on the beach. Lastly I paired the skirt and top with a lovely neon yellow necklace to really make the outfit pop.

Skirt: Forever 21 (new), Blouse: Forever 21 (new), Necklace: Forever 21 (new), Shoes: Target (last year, can find similar this year), Watch: Michael Kors (last year, can find similar this year), Bracelet: Found at a kiosk near the beach : )

                                          * Fun with Fashion *

 I was pleasantly surprised when I found this skirt. After looking at the Spring 2012 runway shows, I was hoping to find a fun colorful dress or skirt with more than a couple fun color trends of the season and I sure did. One of my favorite collections from the runway shows is from Nanette Lepore. All of the pieces are so colorful and have fun silhouettes and designs. Nanette’s collection was my inspiration for this skirt. My favorite way to pair it is with this navy jacket and it’s fun incorporating the neon pink on the top as well for a fun spring look. 

Skirt: Old Navy (new, on sale), Jacket: Forever 21 (new), Tank: Gap (new), Bracelet: Arden B (old), Shoes: Target (last year, can find similar this year), Watch: Michael Kors (last year, can find similar this year)                                              * Brighten the Day *

It’s amazing how wearing a pop of color can instantly brighten your look as well as your mood. The dress featured is perfect for early spring with the sleeve length and bright citron color. I could see this dress going from work to cocktails or brunch with friends. Versatility is always nice to have in your wardrobe, because after all,our lives are never consistent.

Dress: Old Navy (new), Necklace: Francesca’s (new), Hat: Forever 21 (new), Belt: Arden B (old), Shoes: Target (last year, can find similar this year), Watch: Michael Kors (last year, can find similar this year)                                           * Easy Sunday *

I happen to be one of those people who loves Sundays. I always feel more relaxed and all I want to do is hang out with my little dogs, family, friends, my camera man, and just enjoy the day. My favorite kind of Sundays are the ones without plans and the day is up for whatever. Yesterday was one of those days for me and it was lovely. The weather was beautiful, camera man and I decided to take the dogs and have breakfast and coffee at a coffeehouse with a patio. The afternoon was spent at the park walking around and just relaxing on a blanket in the grass with all of the other park- goers. It was definitely a packed day at the park, easy to see as the weather was lovely. After that I had a nice jog and make the trip to Whole Foods & Trader Joes for some things to last me the next week or so I’ve been needing. Days like these are very simple, but very wonderful.

I decided to wear a new casual outfit I picked up so I could share it with you all. So for those days you’re not relaxing in yoga pants, this is a great alternative.

 Top: Old Navy (new), Skirt : Old Navy (new), Necklace: Forever 21 (new), Sandals: Kelly & Katie (last year- can find similar this year), Watch : Michael Kors (last year- can find similar this year)

                                                * Spring in Bloom *

When I found this skirt a couple of weeks ago I instantly saw it with a gold knit sweater. I just had a vision this glamorous beachy look paired with some sort of seashell necklace, so that is exactly what I did. Ideally there would be an ocean in the background of these photos and I would be maybe standing on some rocks to go with the earthy metallic colors in this outfit. Since I’m not, I decided to incorporate all of the lovely blossoms on the trees that are popping up everywhere that make me so happy, and I have to say, I don’t think you could ever go wrong next to a beautiful tree in bloom, so it all worked out : )

Skirt: Old Navy (new on sale), Tank: NY & Co. (last year), Gold Sweater: Target (last year, can find similar JLO collection for Kohl’s), Necklaces:  Long- Francesca’s (new), Short- Arden B (old), Watch: Michael Kors (last year- can find similar still), Shoes: Target (last year, similar this year)            

                                          * In Between Seasons *

I wanted to post another in between seasons look because yesturday was beautiful outside with sunshine and warmer temps, but after today the temperature is supposed to drop significantly again and I’m not quite ready to break out all of my sundresses  and cork sandals just quite yet. Ok, I have worn a few already, actually I did yesturday with the lovely weather, but it’s nice to have those pieces in your closet you can go to when the weather is being kind of funny.

 Skirt: White House Black Market (new, on sale), Jacket: Candies (new), Belt: Limited (last year), Bracelet: Charming Charlie’s (new), Shoes: Elie Tahari (last year), Watch: Burberry (last year- can still find)

                                      * In Between Seasons *

Ah, March…how I love you. Although I love the thrill and chill of winter when you can get all cozy inside after being out in the snow, and freezing rain, there is something about this time of the year when the excitement of trees beginning to blossom and warmer weather is everywhere. Brighter colors start appearing everywhere, and the thought of heavy winter clothes, even when it’s still a little chilly out, just don’t make the cut.

There is this in between seasons time that happens a couple times a year, most apparent from summer to fall and winter to spring where we have to be a little more conscious of our wardrobe and it’s not as easy to throw on a sundress and sandals or riding boots and winter coat. My rule of thumb, if it’s approaching spring but still a little chilly out, add a pop of color and keep the fabrics lighter. If you are wearing black, which I will be posting later this week, keep if flirty and once again, just not so heavy. For this look I kept my chocolate tights on since it was a little chilly out and added some fun color and metallic pieces to the look.

Jacket: Forever 21 (new), Skirt: Ann Taylor (new on sale), Top: Banana Republic (last year- can find similar), Shoes: Bandolino (new), Bag: Tory Burch (last year-can find similar), Watch: Michael Kors (last year- can find similar), Bangles: Forever 21 (new), Necklace: Francesca’s (last year- can find similar)