I had such a great time pulling pieces for the March 2012 issue with Her magazine. I wanted to find pieces that incorporated how I felt when March rolls around. No matter what the weather outside, once March 1st comes around it is spring in my mind. I was constantly being inspired by the looks I was finding as I searched the city for the best spring fashions. Since neons and other lovely colorful pastels are so big this season, I definitely kept that in mind when pulling my favorite pieces and putting the looks together. When it came to the theme, I came up with ‘Hello Sunshine’ because once March comes around, the warm sun starts to show its face and put a glow on our skin and smiles. I wanted to incorporate some fun and girly props so  I used some I had around and found at nearby craft stores.

Special Thanks to: Cupcake A La Mode, Feng, Standard Style, Flirt, Hemline, N. Valentino, Imagery, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Hathaway, and Swimwear Solutions