Music Inspiration: Neon Lights by Natasha Bedingfield * Give it a listen, it will make you want to jump like this also  : )

This photo captures how happy warm weather, a sundress, great company, the ocean, and not wearing sandals on the beach makes me feel. Captured by one of my best friends, thanks Katelyn!

I know it is not the official day of spring yet, but something about today being the first day of March, it feels like the first day of spring for me. Yes, it is still a little chilly out, but the seasons have definitely seemed to shift. It is staying lighter outside later, winter pieces are being put aside, and in stores brilliant bright colors and spring inspiration are popping up everywhere with some of my favorite color trends. The reason March makes me so happy I think is because ever since I can remember this is the month that makes me think of vacation. Although this is the first year in a while I am not taking a trip this month, for some reason the feeling is still there. The excitement of getting on a plane with mostly sundresses, sandals, and floppy hats packed after wearing winter clothes is just such a great feeling. I think the culmination of wonderful memories I have had with friends, family, and of course the camera man this time of the month on small adventures just make me happy and get me excited for the start of warm sunshine, patio seating at restaurants, longer days, and sundresses. Sundresses alone make me want to go on vacation, definitely my favorite thing to wear.

Side Note * On March 25th it will be my six month anniversary for MyStyleLoft! On that day I will be sharing how I came up with the name for my blog, it has to do with NYC : )