One of my favorite things to do for a relaxing evening is trying a new restaurant and something new on the menu list. After all, it’s the little things in life that keep it interesting and fun. Of course I am not going to say I don’t order my favorite things on a menu at my favorite places on more than one occasion, however, for some reason when it comes to a holiday, an event, or a special occasion, I feel as though it is the perfect opportunity to be a little adventurous with my choices. The photos I took featured below are at one of my favorite french restaurants, Classic Cup.

Valentine’s day to me is special, because without all of the commercialization that has come of the holiday, it is a day to celebrate love. The love being celebrated doesn’t have to be with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, but with anyone in your life you feel like saying I love you to. In keeping with a lovely dinner in mind for this Valentine’s Day, here are some of my favorite picks from some of my favorite designers. I chose to go with reds, blacks, and whites, because they just seem like the perfect colors to wear for a dinner on Valentine’s Day if you are sharing it with that special someone this year.

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