Almond Butter & Jelly Heart Sandwiches

New Post * Good Morning Smiles * Flowers, Coffee, and Puppies

Snuggle Buddies *

New His & Her Outfit Post * Awaiting Spring *

2012 Oscars Best Dressed and Runner Ups

Here’s to a colorful Sunday, photo from a wedding last summer * I hope to see some color at the Academy Awards tonight * look forward to my best dressed picks

A colorful wedding from last spring I helped with, that I didn’t snap enough pictures of * Love these colors together * Since I was feeling slightly under the weather this week and didn’t have a chance to post a recipe, expect one up soon as well as another outfit post with looks you can find in stores now

I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view every morning * View from a friend’s house we went to visit in Newport Beach

Photos from last night’s Sugar Rush event *

* Share Love * New Outfit Post

Seafoam * Favorite Spring 2012 Color Trend * Click on link for runway inspiration, photo inspiration, and looks you can buy now

A photo I took from the Cliff restaurant in Laguna Beach, that serves as inspiration for tommorow’s post involving one of my favorite color trends for the upcoming spring season

View Laguna Beach from the walkway of Las Brisas restaurant *  A must try place if in the area

The French Laundry * Napa Valley

My Sister’s Baby Shower * Pretty Things

I wanted to share a pretty pink photo today that was taken of an orchid* Reason being I’m about ready to head over to my sister’s baby shower, and it’s a girl * So many pretty flowers and cute treats, I’l be sure to share them later * Happy Saturday lovelies

Week in Pictures

Good morning photo from a photo I took over Laguna Beach * Perfect breakfast spot * Attending a new magazine launch party for a magazine about living well tonight, I think this picture says living well ♥ Should be able to get some great photos from the event to share with you all

Green Apple & Pink Wedding

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards * For all, click here

2012 Grammys Best Dressed

Flowers Love Valentine’s Day

Photo from one of my favorite ‘me time’ afternoons in Bryant Park over the summer * Looks pretty different right now with all of the wonderful hustle & bustle for NYFW ♥ Make sure to stop by La Pain Quotidien, my favorite sunny & charming cafe right across the street if you’re in NYC

In honor of NYFW ♥ A photo I snapped of 5th ave. Recognize this hotel from Devil Wears Prada?

Strawberry Heart Pancakes

Since NYFW has officially kicked off, I wanted to share a photo I snapped a couple years ago from the Esteban Cortazar show I worked. I had amazing an amazing seat after putting all the press kits together, too bad my camera back then was not so amazing : )

Table for Two * Valentine’s Evening Dinner

A Rainbow for Your Day

Adding a colorful rainbow to your Wednesday, and yes it’s real. Ended up going for a jog at the perfect time, ran to the car to get the camera ♥ Expect some Valentine’s Day posts up soon!

Photo for your Wednesday * I chose this one I took from the Ghiradelli cafe on Michigan Avenue for today, because there is something about the energy of the city that is represented in this photo that is perfect for rejuvination after a very busy past couple of weeks . Plus it’s just very charming. Expect more posts & articles starting up again later this week, including the His & Her Valentine’s Day outfits in Season Looks *

Well, since we’re shooting for the March issue today I thought this picture I snapped at the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach was appropriate and perfect for inspiration

Hello Clothing Rack : ) Shot I took on set with Vogue magazine on Bear Mountain with Doutzen Kroes and Apollo Ohno along with the wonderful Annie Leibovitz. It was pretty chilly that day

Dean & Deluca is always a perfect break for a busy day : )

Photo for your Thursday I took of Lake Michigan in Chicago from a lovely lunch cruise *

Sunshine Lemon Wedding