So, whether I’m drinking my orange juice/ cranberry juice mixture or just water…I add some fresh lemon juice to it. I stock up on about 4 lemons when I go to the store, cut a couple thicker slices from one and squeeze the juice into my morning drink. The reason? There are plenty of reasons. Below are some of the benefits.

Lemons are rich in *

Vitamin A

Vitamin C






* Lemons are also high in bioflavanoids, which have so many benefits

*Lemons are energizing with all of their vitamin content, immunity boosting properties, aid in digestion, cleanse the liver, they have antibacterial properties, the juice can help with fatigue…the list can go on, so give it a try lovelies: )

* I store my lemons in the refrigerator to keep them fresh

* How to drink lemon juice with the juice of fresh lemons tips *

Squeeze lemon juice into hot water, add honey or truvia natural sweetener

Squeeze lemon juice into cold ice water, add half a glass amount of natural fruit juice of choice

Squeeze lemon juice into ice cold water, sweeten with truvia natural sweetener

So pucker up!