Who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding cake? My love goes way beyond. I have always been mesmerized by the details that make each cake artwork. Ever since I was young while helping my mom with different weddings or lucky enough to attend one, I would always look for the cake to see what new design element the cake would consist of. Whether it was the flowers, the lace work, fondant flowers and designs, or a very personalized and extremely creative cake, I would always look forward to seeing them. It’s amazing how something so delicious doesn’t even look like something you would eat, more like art. If you look closely at all of the details in the icing, that’s when you have the ‘awe’ moment. I could search the internet forever finding gorgeous cakes and they are definitely out there, but these are just some of mine and my mom’s photos of some wedding cakes I was able to get a photo of. Some you will recognize from wedding posts and some are new. Enjoy. xx