Ah, 2012 I am looking forward to what you are going to bring very much. 2011 was a pretty crazy year full of choices, some things that were not so easy, and blessings. Daffy and Lilly my two little corgi mixes were introduced into my life and they could not make me happier. They are mom and daughter (or sisters, we’re not sure yet)rescue dogs and I could not love them more. I had to make a really tough decision in moving back to a city I love full of opportunity with a job offer, but decided it wasn’t the best year because with the demands of the job I would have missed some huge milestones in my family. I am one of four girls (sisters, and one of the sisters is getting married this September which we are all very excited about, her twin who is already married is having a baby, the first one of us, so it is pretty exciting. I also didn’t want to miss Thanksgiving when I knew my grandma who isn’t doing too well would be able to join us this year with the whole big family gathering, unlike last year when she couldn’t due to her condition. All of these things along with some other details had me decide to stay home and enjoy some amazing memories that I would have missed out on with my friends and family. As what this coming year will bring and where I will be this time next year, I am not too sure yet, but I am looking forward to it. I never get too personal on the blog, but I wanted to share with my readers for anyone who might be able to relate to all of this, because it’s always nice when you feel like you have someone else in the universe who has been through similar choices.

  Last night was a wonderful change of pace from New Years Eve pasts, accompanied by a lovely dinner at one of my favorite french restaurants and time with my camera man and puppies. As for today, it has already started out wonderful without an alarm clock going off this morning. Today is my first actual day off in a while, hence, why I am sipping my coffee slowly while typing this, and it is going to be lovely. It is a day without deadlines or having to be somewhere on schedule. That means I’ll be able to take the dogs on a long walk in the park and sit with them in the grass with my camera man : ), take a much needed trip to Whole Foods and get my multivitamins and vitamin d supplements I have been out of, my wonderful face lotion from Burts Bees (it’s called Radiance and it is wonderful with royal jelly), and some healthy eats. I’ll be able to get a run in today, and later I’ll be making a recipe I finally have time to share with you all.

I realize this is a much longer post with reading than usual, but I figured since it is a new year and there is so much to reflect on, I think it is the perfect opportunity to share a little more with my readers and hope there are those out there who can relate and this will put a smile on their faces.

Wishing everyone a blessed 2012