When you think about it, New Year’s Eve really is a fantastic celebration. So many things can happen in one year, so many things that can change the course of your life. So many strangers meet one another each year to become acquaintances, friends, lovers, or maybe even family members that are meeting for the first time. What better way than to celebrate the evening with what makes you happiest at the present time to reflect on the past year? Whether it is attending a party with your dancing shoes on, attending a black tie event, enjoying a quiet and romantic dinner and some wine with the special one in your life, a relaxed and fun get together with friends accompanied by champagne, enjoying the night with family, braving out Times Square, or maybe on a fun-filledĀ vacation. There are many different ways to enjoy the kick off of the new year, and I have to say I have done all on this list. This year I am looking forward to dinner at one of my favorite french restaurants, enjoying some champagne, and going to see a new movie. It is definitely a more relaxed New Year’s Eve from years past, but right now with all of the craziness of this year it sounds absolutely perfect and I am looking forward to this night. So wherever your night leads you, here are some ideas for some lovely dresses to spice up your evening available now.