Just seeing pictures of Christmases past and present put a huge smile on my face. With a warm fireplace, lit up trees with beautiful ornaments, delicious treats, family and friends…how could you not smile? There is just something about the magic of the season I can’t get enough of, so I try to capture as many moments in time as I can.  Going home for Christmas is something so many people hold dear in their hearts, because no matter what the year has brought or how far they have traveled, being home at Christmas brings a magic and warmth all on its own. Home doesn’t have to mean going to your hometown or a family members home, it is the  place which brings that feeling of peace, love, and happiness…wherever that may be. After all, home is in our hearts, it’s not a destination. Here are some images that make me smile from past Christmases and this Christmas present. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope it is filled with love.