I am so incredibly inspired by the couture shows for fashion week. It reminds me of my days when I would spend hours sketching gowns for my acceptance into the schools I went to for college as well as the time I spent at these schools sketching because I couldn’t get enough of the beauty and the creativity behind couture gowns. It probably all started at a young age when for Christmas every year I wanted the holiday barbie. Yes, it sounds silly and of course I have much out grown my barbie days obviously, but I loved them when I was younger because of the gowns they wore. My favorite one I have to say (a little embarrased) is still at my parents’ house, somewhere. She had brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin like myself, so of course being so young I felt a connection. She wore this extremely full red and gold dress with gloves and I never took her out of the box. I always knew what the shape of the boxes were, so one year my mom fooled me and put a box inside a box so I wouldn’t know what it was. Gowns just have a way of inspiring me and I always look forward to sketch up some ideas I have floating around in my head. Since it’s the holiday season, it’s an especially wonderful time for gowns. The two together remind me of old Hollywood glamour in the movies and the days many many years ago I would look forward to getting my holiday barbie at Christmas. These are some of my favorite gowns with a more bold color theme that bring me back to these memories in more current times from past couture shows.

Photos courtesy of style.com