Photo of the day * Sunshine Wedding Cake dedicated to my day out looking for the best of the best wedding gowns for Her magazine’s bridal issue

Pink & Blue Details

…and a Happy New Year!

Photo of the Day * Gathered ‘Round by Candle and Fire Light

Photo of the day * Wins for Most Creative Desert on Christmas Eve

I’ll Be Home For Christmas *

Greetings for Christmas *

Holiday Florals *

Gingerbread House Land *

Dreaming of a White Christmas *

Christmas Windows & Plaza Charm *

Photo of the day * Yellow diamonds in the sky

Photo of the day * Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

View of the Holidays * Window Style

Photo of the day * Central Park Romance

* Sparkle the Night

Photo of the day * Charm of Vail Village

Stunning Table Sets

Ice Queen *

 Photo of the day

Photo of the day

* Winter Floral

Sparkle On *

Photo of the day

Holiday Couture

Cartier & Sparkles of New York City

Holiday Coloring Book * Dress Up

December Lights * One Dress Three Ways