Dreaming of a White Christmas *

During the holidays, I love wearing soft whites, elegant blacks, and bright colors. I chose to wear bright colors this night enjoying the holiday decor and lights. I can’t get enough of the white twinkle lights and they were the perfect backdrop for these bright and cheery colors. Thankfully it wasn’t too chilly out so there was no need for a coat, however, I do love a good snow and I embrace the chilly weather this time of the year, it’s nice to have some variety. The fun and youthful scenery here made me think of the Grinch starring Jim Carey, and one thing I absolutely love about that movie is the whimsical element. Snow definitely adds to this factor, so even if we don’t get snow on Christmas this year, I am looking forward to the first drop.There is something about either going out and playing in the snow, yes, even as an adult, or sitting inside with some hot cocoa enjoying the scenery throught he window. Happy Holidays *Top- Forever 21, Silk Skirt- BCBG, Shoes- Elie Tahari, Necklace- Halls, Earrings,- Aldo, Watch, Burberry, Silk Camisole- Bebe

* Sparkle the Night 

Well, it decided to rain as you can tell from the photos, but it actually worked to my advantage, giving off a glow and refection from the lights. White twinkle lights on trees have always made me smile, so a bunch of them together are just simply wonderful. This time of the year they are especially beautiful and I was so happy to walk around and enjoy them. It was a little warmer outside then usual, so I decided to wear this new top and skirt I just got from Forever 21 to dinner. I love mixing colors so I paired the ensemble with a sparkling green necklace from Macy’s. Top- Forever 21, Skirt- Forever 21, Shoes- Macy’s, Necklace- Macy’s, Earrings- Aldo

* Winter Floral   

So usually I don’t wear floral in the winter unless I’m on a sunny vacation somewhere, but I just found this skirt and decided I could make it work. The bold plums and reds in this skirt make it more seasonally appropriate and I realized there could actually be a few ways to wear this. I chose the cardigan look, but it would also be very cute with a fitted dark chocolate leather jacket or a black blazer. A silk plum top would also work tucked in with a gold necklace Skirt- Forever 21, Cardigan- Ann Taylor, Camisole- Bebe, Necklace- Ann Taylor, Jacket- Gap accent. Here’s to floral in the winter, cheers!

                             December Lights * ONE DRESS THREE WAYS

Dress- Limited, Plum Jacket- Gap, Black Jacket- Burberry, Top- BCBG, Shoes- Elie Tahari, Necklace- HallsI just love a good dress, especially one that is flowy with movement. There is just something so feminine about a flowy dress, especially one in pale pink. I always have fun getting creative with what to wear with a dress. You don’t have to limit yourself. You can still pair a flowy, feminine, pale pink dress with a tailored black jacket, a warmer plum jacket to compliment the dress, and also a cover up not so conventional. I had fun with these pictures watching people ice skate and seeing all of the Christmas lights that were lit up. Happy December 1st! Holiday season is officially here.