So I discovered this site called Ooh La Frou Frou and I am in love. The images just bring a huge smile to my face. You know how when you see something and it just has your personality all over it and you feel as though you can relate to it somehow? Well, that is how I feel with these images. They also bring in the glamour aspect of the fashion world. It’s not even just about the dress or the outfit in these illustrations, it’s where you picture yourself in the dress and who you’re with. The illustrations with New York City in the background & the girls in lovely ensembles are so wonderful, because it’s not necessarily the ensembles that makes the illustrations so wonderful, it’s the whole picture. That is what fashion is all about anyways. It’s not only about the clothes, it’s about the places we want to go in the clothes, the people we want to be with in the clothes, the inspiration and the interest they spark in us to go explore. For example, when I’m wearing a flowy and colorful chiffon maxi dress, I’m ready to go to La Casa Del Camino’s roof top overlooking Laguna Beach for some appetizers, wine, and conversation, and then go for a walk in the sand and eventually sit down and enjoy the view. Once again, it’s not about the clothes, it’s about what they represent. Here is the website for these amazing illustrations.