So my family has this tradition of making Christmas cookies the night after Thanksgiving also known as Black Friday. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be wearing silly aprons, rocking out to Christmas music, and making cookies pretty then trying to shimmy my way through all of the crowds. I always try to get creative and nix the cookie cutters every few cookies and make a dolphin or when I’m having too much fun to focus on de art of de cooookie, I just roll the dough into a ball and call it an ornament. Ole! There is something about Christmas cookies that just bring back childhood memories of Christmas Eve running around with my sisters around the house because of excitement with a little bit of a sugar rush attached to it after making the cookies for Santa and then sitting on my mom’s or dad’s lap while they flipped through and read The Night Before Christmas in a pop up book. (We still have it). I remember always wanting to make sure the cookies were perfect for Santa and putting them right next to the carrots for the reindeer. Even though I don’t sit on my mom’s or dad’s lap for the reading of The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve anymore, it is still always with me and brings a warm feeling of peace to my mind each time I think of being all wound up and then enjoying something that brings happiness and relaxation. Defintely¬†something I think we all can relate to the more we grow older with more responsibilites and the simple pleasures that make us happy.