I have a love for the candles from Pickwick & Co. They remind me of coming home & my mom having the whole house smell like Vanilla Bean, Dutch Red Currant, or Meditteranean Garden amoung many others. These candles really are amazing and their scent can have a large room smelling delicious in no time. During the holidays with family and friends around, it’s especially wonderful to have a cozy scent such as Fireside, Holiday Spruce, or Spiced Cranberry to walk into or maybe just to light after a long day to instantly lift your mood. I attended the Pickwick & Co. trunk show a little over a week ago with some family and friends and it was just as charming as their candles. Candles everywhere of course, wine, hors d’oeuvres, delightful sweet treats, and lots of people gathered around all to create a wonderful ambiance.


Wonderful idea I’m going to use…Partridge in a Pear Tree. All of the pears were glittered hanging on all of the trees lining the entrance.

 Kona Blue, one of my favorite scents I am using right now until I switch over to a holiday scent. It has almost a sweet pineapple scent similar to the Volcano candle at Anthropologie, which of course is my favorite scent from there as well.