Manhattan New York speaks for itself. From the charming cafes, boutiques, and cobble stone streets in Soho, shabby chic townhomes, bakeries, and luxury retailers in a quaint setting with smaller spaces in Greenwich Village to crazy lights and sounds in Times Square with corporate empires surrounding the streets filled with stilettos, briefcases and cell phones. Of course you can’t leave out the beautiful Upper West Side featuring Columbus circle, edging Central Park, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts…the point is, the list never stops in Manhattan. There is still 5th avenue, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, a haven for all the fashion goers especially in the fall and spring, the Chelsea area with hidden parks, a wonderful treasure in the city in case you have furry friends. Basically the “energy of the city” that everyone talks about is an energy that makes a list impossible trying to detail every unique corner of the city. There are so many ways to be inspired by the city whether it’s alongside Central Park or at the Metropolitan Museum of Art currently featuring an exhibit with the ever dramatic designs of the late Alexander McQueen, street performers uniting all types of people with a smile in the middle of the day, the sounds whether from Broadway or live music at the Blue Note or Boom in Soho, the beautiful visual displays in Barneys and Bergdorf’s, Cartier in the winter months with its stunning display of thousands of white twinkling lights to walk under, the ambition and drive bringing people to the city, once again, the list goes on.
Fashion in Manhattan can be very diverse but yet very distinct at the same time. 
Everyone of course establishes their own identity but New Yorkers just have this
understated chic sense of style that is sometimes not as understood in other parts of the United States.
There are so many designers that influence and inspire, but one that comes to mind for me is Diane Von Furstenberg. To me her designs have the style touch that are not easy to pinpoint but are obvious in appearance. Diane Von Furstenberg, a native of Brussels, Belgium moved to New York City with her husband Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg after they married in Paris in 1969 where she wore her own design. With the help of Vogue editors and other designers, she was able to launch her first collection. Although her marriage life and many other aspects took some different turns along the way, her collections have remained timeless and chic in a very modern and feminine way. Below are some favorites available now for her pre-fall 2011 collection with the  modern, sophisticated, and warm look with bold colors and earth tones transitioning from summer to fall.
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