Our Laguna Beach Engagement Pictures


Hi all! I know it has been since May (Eek!) since my last post, I have been super busy with my new designer bridal accessory business, Lindsay Marie Bridal. All pieces I designed and are made by hand. Our website will be launching in a couple of weeks, but for now you can shop with us on Etsy here http://www.etsy.com/shop/LindsayMarieBridal . You can also visit our Facebook fan page here https://www.facebook.com/lindsaymariebridal for updates and fun photos, as well as our Pinterest here http://pinterest.com/adams1937/  to see what inspires us.

Ok! Now onto the engagement photos. I’m so happy to share some of our favorites with you all. My *fiance* David surprised me, by taking me to Laguna Beach and then onto Catalina Island where he proposed on a small sailboat out in the ocean. It was a magical few days. I hope you all enjoy the photos!

Engagement off of Catalina Island

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com

Laguna Beach. MyStyleLoft.com


Happy May Day!


Happy May Day!!! Is anyone dropping off flowers at someone’s doorstep? I used to love doing that as a kid. Sorry there were not any posts in April & that I’ve been a little distant. I’ve been designing for a new business I’m a partner in. I can’t wait to share it with you all! Cheers!

Spring in Color


Daylight savings time is officially here, and I could not be happier about it. I am back home, spending some much-needed time with my family, friends, and of course Daffy and Lilly, my two little corgi mixes. The extra hours of sunshine mean longer days spent outside on the deck, enjoying the people and environment around me. I love wearing all of the bright spring colors the season has to offer as soon as the weather warms up, and we are having a warming trend back home, so I am definitely embracing it. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, while the weather in NYC was very pleasant and spring like.

If you saw my latest outfit post, you will notice me wearing the same Zara skirt. Basically, I love finding new ways to pair the same item, especially if it is a favorite in my closet. After all, if I love a certain piece, I always look to find new ways to wear it with different pieces.

Top: Club Monaco, Scarf: Club Monaco, Skirt: Zara


Hello Sunshine * Dainty Dandy


March is here! The days are still chilly, but spring is on the horizon. We had a very pleasant day in the city about a week ago, so I decided to take full advantage and embrace it. This floral head-piece is the perfect, cheery addition to any spring wardrobe. Besides wearing it on a pleasant spring or summer day, I can see myself wearing it on a warm summer evening out to dinner near the beach with a simple sun dress. More specifically, since it is a favorite spot of mine, The Cliffs at Laguna Beach. The camera man and I are talking about taking a vacation there soon, a favorite US destination for us, so I think I just might bring this floral head-piece along. In case you missed my last post featuring Dainty Dandy, I would like to share with you a little about the company. I was so happy to hear about the mission Dainty Dandy stands for. It was founded by Gina Nguyen. At 17, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, her mother is doing well to this day, however, Dainty Dandy strives to help all of those who are fighting it, by donating $5 to cancer. You cay chose a certain type of cancer you wish, when donating. The first goal Dainty Dandy has set is to raise $1M by December 2014. Another reason to feel great about your purchase, besides the lovely design of each piece and the fact that the proceeds go towards fighting cancer? Dainty Dandy is a BeSmartee company, which means 100% of the proceeds go back into the world. Want to learn more and browse through Dainty Dandy’s head pieces for yourself? Make sure to visit their website http://daintydandy.com/ and say a friendly hello on their Facebook page http://daintydandy.com/.

Head -piece: Jill Floral Goddess Dainty Dandy, Top: Club Monaco, Skirt: Zara, Jacket: Club Monaco, Necklace: * found at the Christmas shops at Columbus Circle, NYC


March 2013 *


I am definitely happy that longer days in the sun are here. Cheers!


New Outfit Post: Hello Sunshine * Dainty Dandy. Featuring a little piece of sunshine from Dainty Dandy  http://mystyleloft.com/2013/03/11/hello-sunshine-dainty-dandy/


My Daffy, aka wiggles * momma’s home!


I think this is why I tend to have a much fuller spring/ summer wardrobe than fall/winter. Color love *


Spring feeling *


February 2013 *


Well, although the first day of spring is not technically tomorrow, it counts in my mind. I appreciate all of the four seasons for what they are, but before I make a toast to sundresses, sandals, and long days outside in the sun, I wanted to finish the last of the winter months this year with a post celebrating snow and silly, chilly days spent with my family in Colorado.
My * Best Dressed * picks for the Oscars. I have to say, Kerry Washington stole the stage when she presented in her gorgeous Miu Miu gown.
Good morning and happy weekend * http://pinterest.com/mystyleloft/
Night run * Happy it was light out when I started so I could enjoy the park.
New Outfit Post in Ann Taylor * Color on a Snow Day in Central Park http://mystyleloft.com/2013/02/18/color-on-a-snow-day-in-central-park/
A few things that are usually on my grocery list * the pineapple coconut juice is basically a vacation in a healthy bottle. What I love about the other 3 is that you can’t taste the coconut, because even though I love coconut, I’m usually not ready for the taste in the morning. You should definitely try the vanilla coconut milk if you’re a fan of almond milk. It tastes just like it, but creamier.

Happy love day * It doesn’t matter who or what you love, as long as you’re thankful that the love is there. Love is pretty *


New outfit post just in time for Valentine’s day, in a bright pink dress you can buy now, surrounded by sweets at the Plaza Hotel,  along with fashion for a cause in a Dainty Dandy headpiece. Best part, the proceeds go towards finding a cure for cancer. Take a look and make sure to visit their website, listed on their facebook page and featured in the post.


Taylor Swift and Rihanna were my top two picks for the Grammys.
I thought they both looked lovely and I and the gowns were stunning on them. To be honest, I couldn’t pick a third because no one else stood out in my mind. Who were your top picks?


New outfit post * Colorado Winter Wonderland http://mystyleloft.com/2013/02/08/colorado-winter-wonderland/


The city, all dressed up *


Well, it’s quite chilly in the city, but it sure is pretty *


My little Daffy


Wheee! Having fun down the mountain in Colorado, looking not so glamorous & fashionable, but having fun. As I’ve learned over the years, when you’re skiing, that’s the most important thing


Central Park Winter Wonderland


When winter comes around, I tend to embrace the colder days and nights when it snows so I can really take in the season and enjoy the charming sights, followed by an evening of snuggling in a blanket by fire or candle light if I am in my New York apartment. Here are so photos I had to take while on a very distracted “run” through the park, that quickly turned into a photo session. IMG_2951






Sparkle After the Holidays


Well, the holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean the sparkle this time of the year has to dull. I appreciate each season for what it is, and in January, we’re in the heart of winter. We might as well embrace the days we get to walk around in cozy cable knit sweaters and the nights we get to spend inside by the fire, or if you currently live in New York City like myself, a few candles will have to do. I tend to appreciate the neutral tones this month, like white, ivory, and beige, because I tend to think of January as a winter wonderland month, pending on if we see snow or not of course. Either way, the rush of the holidays are over, and although many retailers start showing resort or spring looks, the truth of the matter is, it is still winter, so let’s embrace it with a little extra sparkle. Here is some sparkle after the holidays around Manhattan to inspire you. Sparkle on, readers *

Stunning white florals at The Plaza Hotel.

zznnThe always charming Bergdorf Goodman windows. I would love to have both of these dresses in my closet.

zznOne of my favorite Marchesa looks, shown in two colors.

IMG_2203Shabby Chic “snow flocked” feather trees.


A view of Manhattan from the Penthouse venue in Chelsea.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAA view from another window…

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAn inside look at The Penthouse in Chelsea with incredible city views.

GGA view of winter from the Reservoire in Central Park.

IMG_2951White twinkle lights on Park Avenue.

IMG_3051A different view of 5th avenue.

IMG_3044Icy chairs outside of the the Apple store on 5th avenue.

IMG_3043A lit up 5th avenue.

IMG_3042All dressed up in white twinkle lights.


Looking back on a rainy and lovely walk home.


Bateaux New York * Paris


I wanted to share with you all, a very special experience that is a must try if you are in the New York City area. My camera man surprised me with a 3 hour-long dinner cruise on the Bateaux, a one of a kind all glass inclosed cruise along the Hudson River that leaves from the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan, NY. There are only two Bateaux cruise ships in the world with a 360 degree view in an all glass enclosure. One is in Paris, and the other, New York. The views are spectacular, the food is delectable, the music sets the mood, and the service is impeccable. Of course, before dinner is served, a warm and fresh out of the oven assortment of bread is served with herb garnished butter and right before approaching the Statue of Liberty, dessert is served, followed by hot coffee or and hot chocolate if you are outside taking in the sights of the Statue of Liberty, followed by peppermint bark, and as you are leaving the cruise, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies are served with napkins as you exit. Every detail makes the experience truly one of a kind and heart warming. Here are some highlights of the night and I encourage you to try it for yourself if you are in the area.



ttIMG_2611IMG_26055IMG_2665IMG_26033IMG_2607IMG_2616IMG_2618IMG_2611IMG_26122IMG_2622IMG_2624IMG_2629IMG_2637IMG_2634IMG_2661IMG_2665GIMG_2666Final photo courtesy of Bateaux, New York http://www.bateauxnewyork.com/zx

* December 2012 *


New Post * Christmas in New York City http://mystyleloft.com/2012/12/18/uptown-cozy-holiday-fun/


It was like a post card everywhere in and around Central Park tonight * The snow makes my heart so happy


I spent my first (and only) Christmas away from family, in NYC this year, so my mom sent me photos of her always gorgeous holiday tables at home. Just looking at them help me feel at home *


Merry Christmas Eve * I hope you all are staying cozy and have some time to relax with the people you love


New Post * Christmas at Byrant Park http://mystyleloft.com/2012/12/17/christmas-at-bryant-park/


The snowflake on on 5th avenue…I can’t wait for real snow!


Brunch with mom at my favorite place, La Pain Quotidien. I just love jam and toast, it reminds me of home and cozy mornings.


At the Penthouse in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan visiting the reception’s sight for my cousin’s fall wedding. Beautiful city views.


New Outfit post * Brunch and an Afternoon on 5th http://mystyleloft.com/2012/12/05/6343/


One of the many outdoor Christmas markets in the city that keep interrupting my evening runs. Actually, I don’t mind at all. I can’t resist stopping to explore! I love the holidays *


A nice stopping point to my run last night * Plaza Hotel Christmas tree. New post up soon! Happy December!


* November 2012 *



I got distracted on my run by all of the Christmas at Columbus Circle. The end of my run can wait * Pretty


Mickey Mouse at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade *

One of the many tables back home that my mom did for Thanksgiving this year. She sent me pictures since I can’t be there this year.  She always makes the holidays so beautiful & special.
Well, first holiday away from home. I wish I could be travelling to go back to be with my family and everyone else for Thanksgiving and my family’s annual Christmas cookie party. Since I can’t, I’m braving the crowds for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, kicking off by my apartment. Atleast I can check the parade off my list now after having it on in the background on tv every year *

New Outfit Post * Night Stroll http://mystyleloft.com/2012/11/20/6320/

Words of wisdom for your Monday and something I’ve learned myself. 14 hour days…or just crazy days at work don’t require coffee…they require a good sense of humor. This little lady I found at the Christmas shops at Bryant Park agrees. On that note, here is a little bit of just that for your Monday * New post up soon!

I chose a great day to walk through the 72nd st. entrance at Central Park, so lovely * We’re a week away from Thanksgiving! I’ve got some fun holiday inspired posts coming up for you all soon. Cheers *

Sarabeth’s at Central Park South for brunch* delicious

Now this is my kind of place * cozy ambiance & hummus

Whew, it’s good to be back after not feeling well the past few days. These snowmen/women make my heart happy * Although my favorite place during the holidays is at home, New York this time of the year is the next best alternative. I found these guys at the Christmas shops at Bryant park a few nights ago. This photo will be in my next post, with more holiday fun sightings from Bryant Park. Cheers *

New Outfit Post * Fancy Paisley http://mystyleloft.com/2012/11/01/fancy-paisley/

October 2012 *


New Post * Leather & Lace http://mystyleloft.com/2012/10/27/leather-lace/

Colors of fall in Central Park

New Post * Warmth in the Chill of Fall http://mystyleloft.com/2012/10/24/warmth-in-the-chill-of-fall/

Mmm…this photo says big cozy sweater, boots, a chilly nose, hot apple cider, and brisk walks in the city all over it. It will be looking like this soon in NYC. Oh, the charm of fall * I found photo this on Pinterest, of course. Every once in a while I like to share inspiration I find in photos I didn’t take myself, simply because they make me smile.

Brilliant red amaryllis at the Plaza Hotel. A photo that makes me smile just as much now as it did seeing them in person, along with some other New York moments filled with warmth, even in the chilly temps, coming up in the next post.

New Post * A Few Fall Smiles http://mystyleloft.com/2012/10/16/a-few-fall-smiles/

I happen to be a forever “Friends” fan, as in the television show that I still watch re-runs of. I can watch the episodes over and over again and not get tired of them. Every time I see maple candy, I always think of Ross in the episode where he is extremely infatuated with the candy. So, naturally when I saw these candies at the Union Square farmer’s market, Ross and “Maple Candy?!?!” came to mind.

Ooh la la color. Beautiful bouquets at the Union Square farmer’s market, NYC for your Monday. New post up tomorrow

My cure for a cold & rainy night in the  city. A honey crisp apple with tomato soup & grilled cheese, alongside a cinnamon apple candle. Perfect for this October night

Fall inspired artwork in Central Park

Welcoming Fall, A Week in Pictures *  A new post full of inspiration from this past week sure to cozy up and add smiles to your Wednesday * Enjoy http://mystyleloft.com/2012/10/03/welcoming-fall-a-week-in-pictures/

Adorable pumpkins at the local farmer’s market * now relaxing outside enjoying a late coffee at the delicious Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This is why Sundays are my favorite

September 2012 *



One of my favorite photos in my newest post coming up in the next few days * Imagine ♥

I found a new favorite candle for fall at Anthropolgie * apple & brown sugar, yumm. The coffee beans really enhance the scent-nice trick to try

Pretty day

More beautiful art at the street fair near my apartment

Delicious smelling tea at the Columbus st. fair. Love the name. Perfect fall day outside

Fall is officially here! Pulling out this bucket list I found this time last year, looks pretty good to me *

Thanks to a reader, I found out these are called Verbena flowers, but I am going to name them Sunshine flowers *

New outfit post in time for fall * Changing Seasons http://mystyleloft.com/2012/09/20/changing-seasons/

Cute place. Naturally I had to stop in for some hot tea. There is a chill in  the air after all. It is definitely almost fall

I could relax here all day. Absolutely love fall, so perfect outside.

Beautiful day

Beautiful fall inspired artwork in Soho

New Post * My Sister’s Wedding Week http://mystyleloft.com/2012/09/12/my-sisters-wedding-weekend/

Good morning! Well, I just arrived back in the city just in time for all of the NYFW festivites to be coming to an end, but I have to say this past week has been absolutely wonderful as I was back home celebrating my sister’s wedding. It was truly lovely. So although I won’t have any fashion week or FNO photos to share as I wasn’t in the city, I do have a post for you from the wedding week coming up soon with some photos filled with love

New Post * A Sweet Day http://mystyleloft.com/2012/09/05/a-sweet-day/

It’s a bit of a rainy day here in NYC. Proof that rainy days can still be pretty days. New post up tomorrow! Cheers

My sister is getting married this weekend!!!!! So excited to fly home in a couple of days. It is going to be such a beautiful week/ weekend. Cheers to love & sisters ♥

Stunning art in Soho, NYC * With a slight reflection of me in the background, whoops

* August 2012 *



Loving these fabulous coffee cups from Henri Bendel

….and another

Daffy has a secret to tell Lilly

Crazy spots at Louis Vuitton on 5th

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New Post * Take Me Away…To the Vines! http://mystyleloft.com/2012/08/23/take-me-away-to-the-vines/

Oh, how this photo makes me smile

More stunning florals at the Plaza Hotel, NYC

Fun photo inspiration * What to wear to a vineyard…sister’s bachelorette weekend style. It has nothing to do with a bachelorette weekend, but the boas & flowers are fun, right? Inspiration for tomorrow’s post, oh yeah

Pretty flowers in Dean & Deluca. They put a smile on my face

New Outfit Post * Still Time for White… http://mystyleloft.com/2012/08/21/still-time-for-white/

Sex & the City movie scene with Miranda & Steve anyone? It’s a lovely evening on the Brooklyn Bridge

Beautiful sunny day in downtown Manhattan near the Brooklyn Bridge

Beautiful sunny & mild Sunday

Sunset night : )

Pretties\yummies spotted at Dean & Deluca on my break * picked up an acai berry & guarana drink for a lift

Lovely flower shop I get to see every morning

Beautiful skyline on a beautiful evening

Out for a walk/ run in Central Park after getting off work at a decent time & it could not be prettier outside : )

Part of our yummy breakfast at our bed & breakfast for my sister’s bachelorette weekend * off to the wineries for some wine tasting, cheese & other culinary delights..accompanied by girls with big colorful flowers in our hair & boas of course : )

New Post * The Charm of it All http://mystyleloft.com/2012/08/08/the-charm-of-it-all/

New Post * 5th Ave Glam http://mystyleloft.com/2012/08/04/5th-ave-glam/

Photo of a window display on 5th avenue, that actually turned out pretty great *

New Post * Sweet Summer Before the Fall http://mystyleloft.com/2012/08/01/sweet-summer-inspiration-before-the-fall/

July 2012 *



Just one of the many reasons it’s nice to be home

Pretty cake balls at my sister’s and soon to be brother in law’s couples shower for their upcoming wedding * so nice to be home : )

Good morning friends : ) Hope everyone is having a great start to the week * Wouldn’t it be nice to have this view for breakfast this morning?

New Post * Weekend Treats * Eats & Sights around Eately and midtown Manhattan http://mystyleloft.com/2012/07/22/weekend-treats-eats-sights/

New Post * Taking a Day http://mystyleloft.com/2012/07/19/taking-a-day/

Hi all!!! Whew, busy busy past few days * Getting in a much needed beach day today with a friend : ) First beach trip since being back in NYC, water makes me happy * New Post up tomorrow * Cheers

A photo of Daffy today from my camera man, counting the days to visit home : ) so sweet

 This painting makes me happy ♥

Beautiful floral display in the St. Regis Hotel, NYC

A photo for your Tuesday * New outfit post below

Water makes me so happy & peaceful ♥ beautiful night for a jog around the JK Reservoir in Central Park *

Hello readers! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week * Here is a little ‘pretty in the city’ for your Monday * New post up soon * Cheers

New Outfit Post * Nautical Chic http://mystyleloft.com/2012/07/06/nautical-chic/

Can’t wait to wake up to this little face when I visit home this month : ) Daffy taking over the bed, too cute to move

A Photo for your Thursday on 5th avenue * Cheers

Happy Independence Day * Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday ♥

Greetings friends! * I have been feeling under the weather today and I was in for some much needed R&R to start feeling better, a new post will be up soon * Speaking of relaxation, it’s time for me to get some sleep * This photo from Laguna Beach, CA says relaxation to me

Plaza Hotel beautiful flowers *

A Farewell to Winter * Until Next Year…

I happen to love all four seasons, even winter in its chilliest of days, mostly because I love the variety with all four seasons. I do have to say though, I am very ready for spring to show its warm and sunny face. I’m excited to be able to call sandals and a sun dress appropriate attire again, longer days finished with a colorful sunset, dinners outside with my family and friends, and long days at the park with my two little corgi/ shiba inu mixes, Daffy and Lilly. Since tomorrow is March 1st, I decided to end the last winter month of this season with a post celebrating it. My sisters and I took a trip to Colorado to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday, and there was a birthday sash involved. My sisters and I grew up going to Vail, Beaver Creek, and Breckinridge, but for my dad’s 60th we took him to Copper mountain and Breckinridge to explore a new village and the second village with a little tradition. I hope you enjoy the photos and are as happy about the up and coming spring season!


Dad, errr….stretching???